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Perpetual Contract Trading Fees
Updated at:536days2hours ago uses a Maker-taker fee schedule, where taker pays a trading fee and maker receive a trading fee as a reward. That is to say, trading fee is only charged when you are a taker.

Trading fee
Maker : -0.025%

Taker : 0.075%

Further discount using Point

If you have Point in your contract account, you can use Point to cover part of the taker fee.

For taker fee, 0.025% will be paid in BTC-- that part will be given to the maker as a reward.

The remaining part, 0.05%, can be paid by Point. 1 Point=1 USD in fee deduction. We will use BTC_USD index price as the exchange rate to calculate quantity of points to be deducted.

Trading fee is charged based on the position value, irrespective of the leverage.

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