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16 June

Guide: How to Build Your Coin Zoo - DOGE, SHIB, PIG, LION, BAMBOO...

Author: Researcher: Piper.L

Dogecoin (DOGE) has gained momentum this year with the support of celebrities from all walks of life such as Tesla founder Elon Musk, NBA team owner Mark Cuban and rapperSnoop Dogg. The whole Crypto Dogs market has come alive. Under Elon Musk's promotion, the value of SHIB has surged(with a circulation of 1,000 trillion). They have been listed on several top exchanges. The price of AKITA and Dog have been on the rise.

However, soon there will be new animal MEME coins, i.e., Coin Pig, which is the equivalent of SHIB, and Coin Lion, which has the same coin burning mechanism. There is also FOG and BAMBOO. The cryptocurrency field has become an “amusement park” for animal coins.

Zoo Tokens List:

Some call it Dogecoin/DOGE. It was created on December 18, 2013. Dogecoins are fairly distributed in a fair way. Its charity and tipping culture are deeply engraved in users' minds.As of recent the user base has literally exploded. On May 11th Elon Musk launched a vote to buy Tesla stock with Doge on Twitter, and accepted Dogecoin for space launch payment. It is believed that soon Dogecoin will soon be applied in many more cases.

According to the official introduction of SHIB, SHIB is a decentralized spontaneous community-built experiment. Nicknamed DOGECOIN KILLER, the SHIB token is the first token of the community. In the future, SHIB will be traded on the decentralized exchange ShibaSwap, which is also its incentive token. Anyone can easily own hundreds of millions or even trillions of SHIB. If you had bought 1 dollar of SHIB a year ago, it would have been worth 280,000 USD.

AKITA is a 100% decentralized community experiment. It is similar to SHIBA INU, but with different token metrics. Its value has risen by 1,479.98x in the last 30 days and 2,529.00x throughout its development.

PIG is a native project on the Binance Smart Chain. It was created with an implemetedblack hole mechanism that can significantly reduce the total supply in circulation. PIG has excellent HOLDER data on the chain and will soon break through 100,000 coin-holding addresses. More coin-holding addresses represent better liquidity and a better prospect for speculation by users. The difference between PIG and SHIB is only 2.5 X, and the difference in market value is 44 X. The most important element of PIG is that it has only been listed on a few exchanges, including As long as this wave continues throughout the bullmarket, PIG still has plenty of room to rise.

As of May 11th, PIG has risen by a maximum of 8000% in 20 hours on and its current increase rate is 5,049%, with a spot trading volume of $375 million since its launch.

Lion coin is an experiment of a 100% decentralized spontaneous community building effort, based on the Firecoin eco-chain, the Binance smart chain, and the GateChain sesame chain. Lion ‘s total supply accounts for 20 billion pieces and automatically achieves a burning deflation of one thousandth of the number of each transaction. Five billion tokens have been sent to users around the world for fair and equitable exchange on an equal basis. The current price is still relatively cheap. It has recently been listed on The increase on 11-05-2021 alone was 65%.

So how do you start buying these animal coins? There are many ways, but buying on an established exchange is a more convenient and secure option:

1. is a global digital asset exchange. After the SHIB surge, offers access to the world's third largest SHIB and DOGE trading volume, both successively exceeding $1 billion, with guaranteed liquidity and trading volume.

2. has a wide variety of coins at a super fast listing speed; faster than most major exchanges. PIG, LION and other promising new coins are popping up one after another with, you will never miss the opportunity to buy new quality tokens at low prices in the early stages.

3. You can trade spot, leveraged and quantitative contracts on to leverage yourearnings.

How to buy cryptocurrencies on

You can buy seamlessly via the web browser or download the APP to buy on your smartphone.

1.Sign up or log in

2. Follow the prompts for KYC verified authentication

3.Deposit in you

4.Choose what token to buy and pay with. Start Trading

In addition to spot trading, you can also:

1. Leverage trading
Users can goshort by borrowing cryptocurrencies, or go long by borrowing USDT. Leveraged products can exponentially increase potential profits, but they can also increase your potential losses. Amplify your income with less principal in the case of a hundredfold increase

2. Quantitative Trading allows investors to trade the cryptocurrencies on their platform using AI smart strategies.
Use quantitative strategies or quantitative contracts to go long or short during frequent market price fluctuations to reduce the possibility of losing money.

3. Perpetual Contracts
A perpetual contract is a futures contract, which has no expiration date or liquidation. A perpetual contract can hedge the risk of the underlying asset and get a relative expectation of return.

4. Coin Money Management
If you wish to hold your coins for a long time, you can manage your money by lending your own coins, with an annualized return of 3.65-365%. is not involved in lending and borrowing.

We all know that Bitcoin is the “King”; the most valuable coin that will be more valuable in the future. However, the same $1000 that you invest in BTC can buy tens of millions of “Animal MEME”coins. With the same amount of money, holders can “only” buy approximately 0.01 Bitcoin. The tenfold and potential hundredfold increase since their listing of “Animal MEME” coins also disrupted the presence and liquidity of "traditional” projects. The potential growth of "traditional coins" was disrupted by the tenfold and hundredfold increase since the listing of many “Animal MEME” coins. If you missed the overnight exponential wealth gain of Dogecoin, you still have an opportunity with one of Dogecoins competitors

We all wondered why Dogecoin, which was treated as a joke by the community and abandoned by the founder, could be so expensive with seemingly unlimited upside. One can only look back in anguish at DOGE that was disregarded by many for all the wrong reasons..

There are still many people who are conservative when it comes to “animal” coins. Many veteran cryptocurrency players believe that only mainstream coins have the value of being held all the time, but with more total volume and a lower price. Who can guarantee that SHIB, AKITA, PIG, LION are not the next Dogecoin? Everyone should be allowed to dream

Author: Researcher: Piper.L
*This article represents the views only of the researcher and does not represent any investment advice.
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