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16 June Beginners Trading Guide

The first thing most people do after they get a basic understanding of cryptocurrencies, is buy them. Which exchange is safer? What is cryptocurrency trading, fiat currency trading and leveraged trading? In this guide we will assist to answer these questions and help you get started with cryptocurrency investing.

What Is a Fiat Currency Trading

Fiat currency, short for "legal tender", refers to the currency that is created by a reserve bank of a specific country as their official currency . For newcomers in the cryptocurrency world, the best option would be converting fiat currency to USDT stable token. It is pegged to USD and is not prone to the volatility of most other cryptocurrencies.

What Is a Token Trading

At present, BTC, ETH, and USDT are some of the mainstream tokens circulating in the cryptocurrency market. Currency trading is to use these currencies to exchange for other digital currencies, such as USDT or Bitcoin for Dogecoin, etc.

What Is the Difference with Fiat Currency Trading

Token trading is more flexible and can be easily exchanged for several digital assets on the exchange, making it the most efficient channel for newbies to trade. Users can get a return on their investment by buying low - holding (waiting for the price of the token to rise) and selling high. Learn more

Choosing an Exchange to Start Investing

A cryptocurrency exchange is an online platform that facilitates cryptocurrency trading. Before investing, there are a few considerations to take into account: :

1.Exchange Scale and Background: This is one of the most important criteria to consider. is a time-honored exchange that has been operating steadily and growing explosively. We are ranked top 7 with real trading volume, top 2 in return on investment, and number 1 in security score. The team has many years of blockchain experience and we have been operating for 8 years serving over 4 million global users from 224 countries and regions.

You can find out if an exchange is trustworthy by reading user reviews.

Check out the press release

2.Trading Volume and Market Depth :
Only when the trading volume is large enough and the market depth is good can you trade efficiently. The faster the trade, the less uncertainty there will be. has a daily average trading volume of $1.2 billion in spot and contract trading. is a tier 1 global trading platform for many mainstream tokens, such as the widely-accepted DOGE, SHIB, ETH,XRP, BCH, etc.

3. Trading Categories has become a major trading platform for many popular tokens (Dogecoin, Uniswap, etc.). We have over 4 million users in more than 224 countries with over 1,000 trading pairs and investment services through our website and App platforms. also has a cryptocurrency marketplace with over 500+ tokens. Therefore, we can help users save time and cross-platform trading fees.

4. Trading Platform and Rewards Policy
Our platform regularly holds reward activities, such as Prediction , Posts, and Live. As of May this year, held 29 benefit discounts on mainstream tokens, 131 voted token listing airdrops, 78 startup subs-cription events, and 252 benefit activities for users who hold mainstream tokens. Both new and frequent users are able to enjoy a range of benefits and discounts from our platform.

Now that we have covered some of the criteria you should consider before choosing an exchange, here are some functions and services. offers a platform that is newbie-friendly and easy-to-use to trade digital currencies. Our exchange is primarily focused on providing stable and secure contract exchanges. also Offers the Following Trading Functions.

You can trade on the cryptocurrency market, trade on margin leverage with up to 30x leverage, participate in perpetual contract trading with 100x leverage, participate in fixed-term financial plans and earn returns up to 2000%. You can also make IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) investments through the Startup platform; buy and sell leveraged ETF tokens. updates service offerings quickly and we frequently add more products and services to our platform.. The highest ROI of our “Startup” project, which launched in September 2020, reached 101 times, with a current return of 1,486.38%, ranking second in the world in terms of ROI. Startup currently has the largest number of live projects among mainstream platforms, far more than most other trading platforms. Our Startup platform, as an extension and application of crypto technology, has contributed to rapid expansion and development in the crypto space.

The Smart Quantitative Trading Strategy was launched in September 2020. This feature provides novice and large investors with corresponding data to make smart trading decisions. At present, total trading capital has exceeded $600 million, including total investments of over $500 million in spot grid. Keep a look out for pioneering products that will launch in the cryptocurrency market. Offers Functions for Social Interaction.

The chat room, posts, live and other interactive features are some of the most popular functions. You can chat instantly with other members in the chat room and keep up with the latest news, so that you are not alone in keeping an eye on the market. You can also interact with verified users with a lot of followers at any time in the live room.

Is Safe? prioritizes users security and some of the security measures we have in place include “100% Collateral”, "two-factor authentication", "cold storage wallet" and SSL-protected websites. The platform's quick response mechanism and three-dimensional customer service are able to ensure that customers' funds are safe from online threats. As a responsible exchange, is committed to protecting the interests of its investors even in times of loss. (For example: see's compensation program for the PAID network hack victims)

Handling Fees
The lower the trading fees are, the more profitable the trade. To deposit funds in exchange, there are no transaction fees. is also the only trading platform that uses points and allows users to get a 10% discount. We have the lowest fees among the mainstream exchanges.. If you sign up via another users referral link, then you will receive a 10% discount and a discount rate of 0.049% (equivalent to VIP2), which is only 24.5% of the H**bi rate and 61% of the B**ce rate.

Currently there are 0-16 levels of VIP. The fee for V0 is 0.2%. The higher the level is, the lower the fee will be. If you use GT to offset some of the fees, the rate will be even lower. Check my handling fee

What is GT?
GT is a GateChain native mainnet asset, which is deeply bound to the development of the platform. GT is an important part of's ecology. It allows you to upgrade your VIP level, offset the fee, participate in reward activities and other campaigns..

Conclusion has a mature framework in terms of product experience, fund security and customer service. We have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in infrastructure security to ensure smooth trading and fund security. leads the mainstream platforms in terms of number of tokens and speed of listing. Our trading fees are low and have interfaces designed for different levels of users, so beginners can start trading digital currencies within minutes. Whether you are a novice, a small or a large investor, has the features, market spread, security and efficiency to cater for all types of users.

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