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15 June

Community FAQ | Duration: May 3rd, 2021 - May 16th, 2021

1.Delayed deposits

The cause of delayed deposits are mainly composed of 3 parts:

1) Network congestion on the blockchain

The congestion usually happens to the busiest networks, especially on the BTC and ETH blockchains. Due to this congestion on the blockchain, the platform can’t accelerate transactions at high speed.

2) Manual Completion of Memo

Similar to XRP and EOS, there is a need to attach the memo of that blockchain. Suppose the users don’t fill in the related memo or tag correctly, they need to get in touch with the customer service team, and submit the related transfer information, in order to complete the transaction manually. Otherwise, certain aspects of the KYC process may be needed to complete the deposit.

3) Platform system becomes overloaded

The increasing explosion of volume and user’s deposit orders can cause congestion on the platform. The scaling of the platform is still continuing. If there is a huge deposit order, it may need to be implemented sequentially. If there is a rare circumstance where it has been confirmed by the blockchain, the UID and TXID of the blockchain should be sent to the customer service team to resolve the issue immediately.

2.Live support

We apologize for any negative experiences you may have. Although’s customer service team is tremendous, it has been faced with a huge increase in traffic and issues that need to be resolved. We are expanding our customer service team, in order to bring you better user experience. Thank you for your understanding!

3.Not being able to recover tokens sent on the wrong chain.

Due to the difficulty of rolling back the blockchain, if the users deposit the non-supported currency to, it will be difficult to recover their assets. We suggest that if you are uncertain about it, the user can try sending a smaller amount first, and once there is no error, the user can send the full amount. If an error happens, you may submit a ticket request with our customer service team. Even if this incorrect transaction seems unlikely to be recoverable, we can work together to try and retrieve your deposit.

4.Tickets with a long response time

We can not prioritise one issue over another. If a user finds their situation to be an emergency, after submitting a ticket request they can further contact our customer service team on Social Media by providing their ticket request number and further details. We will do everything we can to help our user’s and solve any issues that arise.

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